Most screw, barrel and valve component manufacturers supply just that...components. Replacing OEM components is not what we do. We create better screw designs, better NRV designs, supply an analysis of your existing Injection Molding or Extrusion process and offer a processing strategy for your application with the components or systems you purchase from us. Better to us means supplying an item that brings added value to your process, broadening your process window or allowing you for the first time to manufacture a part at or under the cycle time or output that you quoted. Our personnel have visited over 3000 companies throughout the world the last 30 years listening and learning how to mold perfect parts through innovation in creating better plasticating unit components and using a processing strategy. Try us out, I think you'll see that we supply the best product with the least amount of hassle in the industry with straight talk and a scientific approach.

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    Data Sheets Barrel Blitz Features Inject-Ex Features Inject-Ex Plasticating and Injection System Intelli-Gent Mold: The Intelligent Molding Solution “MB-XL” Performance Barrier Screw “MDP” Performance Valve “MDP” Valve Performance Evaluation Melt Temp Press System Presentation Mini-Shut 3D Model Mini-Shut Data Sheet Mini-Shut Installation Guide Posi-Melt Installation Posi-Melt Technology Data Sheet Posi-Melt “XL” Screw Precision Injection Molding: […]