Inject-Ex”™ Molding Concept

The “Inject-EX”TM  System is an improved Injection Molding process that employs a non-reciprocating (stationary) helical plasticating screw housed within a heating/cooling cylinder that is coupled to a plunger head assembly, drive housing and motor that Melts, Homogenizes and injects molten polymeric material more precisely and efficiently, along One Axis, comprising a unitary Inject-EX unit.

The “Inject-EX”TM addresses Four Major deficiencies of the Old Reciprocating Screw design;

  1. Viscosity Variation due in Part to Poor Melt Homogenization
  2. Variation in the Amount of polymer downstream of the NRV due to constant pressure flow changes and decompression inconsistencies.
  3. Variation in the Quantity of Melt displaced due to inconsistent NRV closure
  4. Variation in the Quantity of Melt displaced due to Poor Control of the shutoff Points.


Reciprocation Screw Issue #1: 

The Stationary Extruder Screw

  • Will Homogenize the Polymer More Thoroughly
  • Every Pellet is subject to similar shear regardless of the shot size
  • No disruption of the solids bed
  • More Advanced screw designs can be deployed for melting and homogenization

Reciprocation Screw Issue #2:

TheInject-Ex”TM Stationary Extruder Screw

  • Is Isolated from the Melt Pool by our PLUNGER HEAD therefore each Chamber can be treated and monitored separately
  • Our Plunger Head Opens on Flow and Shuts Instantly when the screw stops pumping
  • Decompression of the Melt Pool is more precise than the Reciprocating Screw and does not disrupt the Solids Bed

Reciprocation Screw Issue #3:

The NRV is the most critiqued component in the reciprocating screw Bill of Materials List and is Blamed for Most Part Variation.  The “Inject-Ex”TM System of Polymer Fluid Shutoff Is Unique to the World and has features such as;

  • The patented “MDP” Plunger Head design is composed of a Poppet, Seat and a Spring to provide for the Kinetic Energy for Head Pressure and Closure within Milliseconds
  • Precise fits between the ID and OD of the Pressure Vessel and our Seal Ring provide for Minimal Pressure Drop and Leakage Control for Un-Paralleled Shot Control and Part Weight Variation

Reciprocation Screw Issue #4:

Controlling the Mass for each shot is impossible unless there are components in place to minimize the Variation in Mass between each shot.  Stringing and Drooling are a major issue in the Industry and our “Mini-Shut”TM miniature automatic shutoff nozzle tip has proven itself for over 7-years and thousands of applications that it will help control mass…shot-to-shot.