Inject-Ex”™ Molding Concept

The new “Inject-EX”TM Plasticating Unit for Thermoplastics Improves the Science of Injection Molding by utilizing a State of the Art Posi-Melt TM Stationary Screw and Plunger Assembly that is coupled to a Drive Unit…the whole Assembly Reciprocates to displace a precise amount of polymer into the Mold All along ONE Axis. The “Inject-EX”TM addresses three deficiencies of the Old Reciprocating Screw design; a. Viscosity Variation in part caused by poor Melt Preparation and Homogenization b. Variations in the Quantity of melt dispensed due to poor closure of the NRV and decompression variations c. The amount of Mass that was displaced is unknown without the use of expensive in-mold cavity sensors.