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Posi-Melt™ Multi-Purpose Screw

The revolutionary Multi-Purpose Posi-Melt TM screw is the Ultimate General Purpose screw for injection molding. The design is the first advancement to the core geometry of the plasticating screw since the early 1970’s with the advent of the barrier design. This design is the new GP standard for the Industry. The Multi-Purpose P.M. screw delivers…..

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Posi-Melt™ EXL

The revolutionary Multi-Purpose™ Posi-Melt™ screw is the Ultimate Multi-Purpose screw for tough injection molding applications. The “EXL”™ design adds a high degree of additional melting and mixing to the polymer making this design one of the most advanced designs in the world. Repeatability and melt homogeneity are the basis for high productivity from an injection…..

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