Melt Temperature Sensor Technology

Introducing The MeltTempPress© System

Melt Temp Press System Presentation

The MeltTempPress© System enables you to Measure the Melt Temperature, Density and total Energy expended within the melt stream and the mold cavity! The resultant MeltTempPress© readout is used to monitor and or control your process.

The Melt Temp Press © System Includes:

  • 4s-Temp Unit video recorder-indicator, bench mount with handle
  • 115 V supply with 10’ cord •Ethernet or USB Communication
  • Five Sensors (4 active & 1 spare) with 10’ extensions, male mini connectors
  • One Nozzle Compression Fitting •One Nozzle Adapter


  • The Plasticating screw, non-return valve and nozzle design is the Heart of a molding machine
  • The greatest area for improvement in producing quality Injection Molded Parts relates to Melt Preparation Technology, the Science of preparing the Polymer Melt.
    1. Plasticating Screw design
    2. Non-return valve design
    3. Nozzle Tip design
  • In order to prepare the Melt properly one needs to know what the effects of machine controls have on the Polymer. The MeltTempPress© System is the first and only system for Evaluating machine control effects on the Polymer!

Click Here for a MeltTempPress Video