Plastic Related Inventions

PLASTICS related Inventions include :

  • Positive Control Non-Return Valve for an Injection Molding Machine, (Posi-TrolTM); #6,499,987
  • Pipe Coupling Device and Method, (Quick Change End cap/Nozzle Adapter); #5,188,399
  • Plastic Extruder with Automatic Shutoff (Auto-ShutTM Non-Return Valve) #5,164,207;
  • Methods of Injection Molding and Extruding Wet Hygroscopic Ionomers #4,944,906
  • Screw & Plasticating Apparatus & Method #5,816,698, Plastic Feeding Device and Method #5,096,302 and Plasticating Screw for Efficient Melting and Mixing of Polymeric Material
  • (Posi-Melt™) # 6,752,528, with other patents pending.
  • Precise control non return valve for an injection molding machine, (MDP™ Valve) US Patent #7,527,493
  • Miniature automatic shut-off nozzle tip (Mini-Shut™) patent pending
  • Inject-Ex Plasticating and Injection System (Inject-Ex) Patent Pending application #61821271