“Inject-Ex”™ Plasticating Unit

The new “Inject-Ex”™ Plasticating Unit promises to Revolutionize the Science of Injection Molding by utilizing a State of the Art Posi-Melt™ Stationary Screw and Plunger Assembly that is coupled to a Drive Unit…the whole Assembly reciprocates to displace a precise volume of polymer into the Mold.

“Inject-Ex”™ Features:

• Stationary Posi-Melt™ screw that Provides: a) Consistent Output-Recovery time  b) No disruption of Solids Bed Compaction c) Each pellet sees the same Heat and Shear History d) Well Dispersed Homogenized Melt Pool
• Smaller Footprint / Output
• Inline Polymer Flow for Less Energy Usage and Pressure Drop
• Precise Shot Control, Mechanical Shutoff Mechanism in Plunger and the use of a Temp-Tek™ Sensor  for Melt Density Verification
• Less parts/pieces compared to a Screw/Pot machine design for a smaller Carbon Footprint

Inject-Ex Plasticating and Injection System
Inject-Ex Features