Posi-Melt “MB-XL” Screw

The Posi-Melt™ “MB-XL” performance Barrier-Mixing Screw is our most advanced screw for high output
molding applications. The “MB-XL” design is unique in that it melts a majority of the plastic prior to
entering the barrier section by subjecting the material to the superior melting and mixing action of the
Posi-Melt™ technology. Like most barrier designs, the “MB” design forces all of the material to pass
between the top of the barrier flight and the barrel ID, subjecting the melt stream to high shear and
assuring 100% melting. The “XL” mixing section is a Distributive Mixing Section that separates the
melt flow into multiple channels forcing the melt to pass over a barrier gap before exiting. The end result;
a thoroughly melted and mixed melt pool with high throughput capability.


• Superior melting capability is assured by forcing all of the material to pass over the “MB” barrier flight and through the “XL” mixer. This benefit is critical with semi-crystaline polymers.
• Competitively priced.
• High throughput.
• Quick material and color changes.
• Better mixing capability = the ability to lower back pressures for a cooler melt temperature and less cooling time.

MB-XL performance Barrier Screw