The following are manufacturers and representatives that are licensed to sell the Posi-Melt™ screw. Manufacturers/Mfg. Representatives • Poly-Plas Feed Screws Inc. • Santa Fe Machine Machine Works, Inc. • Zeiger Industries Inc. Mfg. Representatives • Cooper Technology • Enge Plas Automation • Plastic Concepts Inc. of Ohio • Sumaq Ltda. • Synerflex Fasi Solution Pte Ltd

Plastic Related Inventions

PLASTICS related Inventions include: Positive Control Non-Return Valve for an Injection Molding Machine, (Posi-TrolTM); #6,499,987 Pipe Coupling Device and Method, (Quick Change End cap/Nozzle Adapter); #5,188,399 Plastic Extruder with Automatic Shutoff (Auto-ShutTM Non-Return Valve) #5,164,207; Methods of Injection Molding and Extruding Wet Hygroscopic Ionomers #4,944,906 Screw & Plasticating Apparatus & Method #5,816,698, Plastic Feeding Device […]

Technical Library

Data Sheets Barrel Blitz Features Inject-Ex Features Inject-Ex Plasticating and Injection System Intelli-Gent Mold: The Intelligent Molding Solution “MB-XL” Performance Barrier Screw “MDP” Performance Valve “MDP” Valve Performance Evaluation Melt Temp Press System Presentation Mini-Shut 3D Model Mini-Shut Data Sheet Mini-Shut Installation Guide Posi-Melt Installation Posi-Melt Technology Data Sheet Posi-Melt “XL” Screw Precision Injection Molding: […]