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Barrel Blitz

Before And After Performance With Posi-Melt Screw (IMM Magazine)

Delphi Automotive Systems Case Study

“MDP” Screw Tip Performance

“MDP” Valve Performance Evaluation

Melt Temperature Sensor Technology

Mini-Shut™ Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle Tip

Non-Return Valves Sealing Surface Design

Posi-Melt™ EXL

Posi-Melt™ Multi-Purpose Screw

Posi-Melt Screw and “MDP” Valve Performance Test

Data Sheets

Barrel Blitz Features

Inject-Ex Features

Inject-Ex Plasticating and Injection System

Intelli-Gent Mold: The Intelligent Molding Solution

“MB-XL” Performance Barrier Screw

“MDP” Performance Valve

“MDP” Valve Performance Evaluation

Melt Temp Press System Presentation

Mini-Shut 3D Model

Mini-Shut Data Sheet

Mini-Shut Installation Guide

Posi-Melt Installation

Posi-Melt Technology Data Sheet

Posi-Melt “XL” Screw

Precision Injection Molding: Mini-Shut Nozzle Tip

Screw Performance on Small Injection Units


Barrel Blitz Purging Trial

Energy Saving Plastic Solutions Interview on Corporate Review

General Purpose Screw Conveying Ball Slow RPM

General Purpose Screw Conveying Slow RPM

Inject-Ex 36mm Screw Rotation: Top View

Injection Molding: Increase Your Profits

LDR Screw Conveying Ball Slow RPM

LDR Screw Conveying Slow RPM

Melt Temp Press Introduction

Melt Temp Press Trial Run

Posi-Melt Screw Conveying Slow RPM

Posi-Melt “MB-XL” Screw Conveying Close Up View

SEP Power Operated Shut-Off Nozzle