Solving the Mystery of Melt Temperature, Bridging the Gap between the Molding Machine and the Polymer


The Injection Molding Machine (IMM) is designed to Melt Polymer and Distribute the Melted Polymer into a Mold with the objective to Produce Perfect Plastic Parts. In order to mold perfect plastic parts a knowledge and skill in a number of disciplines is required such as; Material, Part Design, Tool/Mold Design and Processing.
The Plastics Industry has been using pressure-force and position sensing feedback from the IMM for controlling the mold filling phase of the injection process without a direct readout of the melt state, melt temperature and viscosity of the polymer.
An analysis of a unique Temp-Tek TM Inductive Electromagnetic Melt Temperature Sensor in the Injection Molding process is presented. Placement within the barrel/nozzle yields important data relative to melt state, melt temperature, viscosity and equipment condition, revealing the ability of the Plasticating Screw and Screw Tip to prepare a quality Melt Pool with the correct Viscosity for distribution. Placement within the mold cavity(s) reveals filling and shrinkage dynamics. Advanced math models help in determining good/bad part manufacturing. The Temp-Tek TM Sensor’s output will be recognized as the most important variable to monitor and control when attempting to make quality injection molded parts and the machine variables will become a means for duplicating the Melt Rheology generated by the System. The Temp-TekTM System bridges the Gap between the Injection Molding Machine and the Polymer.