USA Pavilion

Hall 13

Booth #B91-8

Md Plastics Inc. has committed to exhibiting at the K-Show 2019 to display our diverse product line to the 100K visitors and OEM Exhibitors.  We will be a member of the USA Pavilion in Building 13, booth # 13B91-8. On display will be: Melt Preparation Components; Posi-Melt Screw, MDP performance Screw Tip, Mini-Shut miniature automatic shutoff nozzle and HIP barrels offered by X^3.

Melt Control and Monitoring System-“Melt-Profiler”  a system that captures the work being performed on the Melt Pool and allows us through our AI models to Control the VP transfer points of the Molding Machine. And our New Innovative “Inject-Ex” Injection System . . . a departure from the 70 year old reciprocating screw technology!