"MDP" Screw Tip Performance

One of our customers, a large sophisticated Midwest Injection Molding Manufacturer, recently reported some very interesting performance numbers to us while using our “MDP” performance three piece sliding ring screw tip (NRV) on a 90mm diameter 500 ton Mitsubishi Injection Machine. The customer was looking for better performance compared to an Industry Standard three piece sliding ring screw tip, so they put our “MDP” design under some scrutiny. The performance was outstanding; it exhibited a quicker shut off 12.2-15.2mm cushion compared to 1.6-12.6mm, more consistent with less variation and the “MDP” worked very well with zero decompression whereas the “Three Piece” design simply did not work. The variation in part weights over 40 consecutive shots was 1.2 grams on a 505 gram part!

MDP Screw Tip Performance