Melt Profiler™ I System

The Melt Profiler™ I System offers plastics processors a cost-effective way to monitor actual melt temperature in real-time. Temperature readouts are taken every 2 seconds and displayed graphically on a laptop computer or tablet. Common uses for the Melt Profiler I System include:

  • Recognizing batch-to-batch inconsistencies in the raw material.
  • Recognizing mechanical changes in machine components (i.e., component wear).
  • Expediting the setup process by duplicating the Viscosity Curves generated by the software.

The Melt Profiler™ I System includes (1) Temp-Sense™ Nozzle Sensor, (1) Data Aquisition Device (DAQ) with USB connector and (1) CD that includes proprietary data logger software.

The customer is responsible for supplying the laptop computer or tablet with a Windows operating system.

Temp-Sense Melt Profiler I Data Sheet