X3™ HIP Barrels

The ultimate in wear and corrosion resistance

X3 HIP Barrel

Md Plastics is the exclusive North American distributor for X3™ HIP barrels. X3™ Innovations is a world leading developer and manufacturer of SuperAlloys that provide ultra-high levels of corrosion and wear resistance. They recently invented a new HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) process that allows these SuperAlloys to be applied to injection molding and extrusion barrels in a significantly more cost effective manner than the standard process.

Bud Labs, an independent lab that provides friction, wear and erosion testing, performed the ASTM G65 and ASTM G77 tests on X3’s EVO-60i and EVO-70i HIP’d superalloys. The ASTM G65 is a standard test method for measuring abrasion using the dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus. The ASTM G77 is a standard test method for ranking resistance of materials to sliding wear using the block-on-ring wear test. Both tests show truly remarkable performance. Click here for the independent test results.

Both the EVO-60i and EVO70i superalloys significantly outperformed the highest grade products that Reiloy and Xaloy offer. A full comparison report can be seen here.

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