X3™ Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) Barrels

X3™ Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) Barrels

If you process polymers that are chemically aggressive or contain abrasive fillers, then standard barrels are most likely not up to the task at hand. X3™ barrels are manufactured via the Hot Isotactic Press (HIP) process, which utilizes ultra-high pressures and temperatures that remove internal voids and create a strong, uniform metallurgical bond throughout the entire barrel. The result is near 100% density and dramatically improved fatigue strength. X3™ barrels last many times longer than standard barrels. Give us a call today, and let's start talking about how X3™ HIP barrels can improve your operation.

The barrel is an integral component in the processing of plastic materials. The plasticizing apparatus includes an elongated cylindrical barrel, which may be heated at various locations along its axial length, and a screw, which extends longitudinally through the barrel. The screw has a core with a helical flight thereon and the flight cooperates with the cylindrical inner surface of the barrel to define a helical valley or channel for passage of the resin to the plasticizing apparatus outlet port. The barrel in this apparatus has to withstand high pressures and heat, and be resistant to chemical, abrasive, and adhesive wear.

The barrel has evolved over the years from a carbon steel alloy that was nitrided to the modern-day tool steel and bimetallic, centrifugal casting process that are extremely wear and chemical resistant. The bimetallic barrel employs a high strength outer shell with a wear and chemical resistant lining material. The tool steel barrel, such as CPM-10V, employs a high strength outer shell with a heat-treated sleeve that is press-fit into the ID. Tool steel barrels are used primarily in small diameter applications where the centrifugal casting process is not physically possible to create a quality lining layer.

The barrel has adapted over the years to match the growth of thermoplastic and thermoset materials that are increasingly filled with glass and minerals. At Md Plastics, we understand the resins and how they react to the metallurgy of today's components.

Recently we have been awarded the North American and European Exclusive Distributorship for SGT Corporation! SGT offers the most up-to-date technology in the world for Manufacturing Barrels for the Plastics Industry by supplying a proprietary compound and producing via a Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) process.